PieProof helmets in action

PieProof helmets explained in 75 seconds.

Why Pieproof Helmets are the best choice for Australia and New Zealand

The strong, integrated Magpie-proof mesh keeps sharp beaks and claws out during swooping season, keeping you safe and calm. There's no need to fight off the bird and risk a crash in the process.

Easily switch between seasons with the removable ear protectors and visor. A PieProof helmet is not just for Magpie and Plover swooping seasons, it protects you year-round. The ear protectors also keep the cold wind off your ears during winter.

Designed by a Dutch-Australian Engineer who is also a keen Cyclist. Crafted with a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by Australian and Kiwi cyclists, our helmets combine cutting edge technology with many thousands of kilometres of riding experience. We focus on the things that matter.

  • Lightweight Design

    Just 270g (Med) for your comfort.

  • Excellent ventilation

    Multiple large vents to keep you cool.

  • Powerful LED tail-light

    Rechargeable power. Night time safety you just can't leave behind.

  • Certified Safety

    Certified to the tough new Australian standard AS/NZS 2063:2020

  • Durable & Affordable

    Built from premium materials to a sensible price.

Thousands of cyclists are injured each year by Swooping Magpie attacks either through direct contact, or because the stressed rider loses control of the bike when trying to fight off the bird. The unique Magpie-Proof design of a PieProof helmet won't stop aggressive birds from attacking you (very little will), but it will give you the confidence to ride calmly past aggressive birds knowing that you are safe.

This lightweight (just 270g in Med) helmet has been designed by a Dutch-Australian Engineer to keep you safe and calm year-round.

  • During Magpie swooping season

    The ear protectors and visor combine with the integrated Magpie-proof mesh and angled rear vents to keep you safe and calm when under attack.

  • Every other season

    Remove the ear protectors and visor when the Magpies lose interest in you. PieProof is lightweight, well-ventilated and comfortable.